Canine Security

As another layer of protection for our clients, GSMG uses highly trained canines both for the protection of individuals and facilities, and for detection of explosives or illegal contraband. Every one of our canines is hand selected for temperament, intelligence, socialization, drive and loyalty.

After thousands of hours of research and thorough due diligence, GSMG has partnered with the finest Working Dog breeders in the world to deliver well-trained, trusted canine partners. From the time they are born, these canine security team members are socialized, trained, and cared for by the top handlers in the world. Canines that have met our rigorous standardized criteria are examined by one of our European/American Veterinarian partners to assure health and pedigree. These dogs are not pets, they are highly trained canine assets. Many of our canines include European Champions in their pedigrees. Whether our canines are patrolling your perimeter or searching for explosive devices, rest assured, you have the finest canine partners in the world working for you.

Canine Security Services

GSMG delivers clients a total canine security package from the ground up – from kennel design, diet & exercise advice, to recommending a veterinarian who is an expert with specific breeds, GSMG will fine tune every detail of your specialized canine unit.

  • Importing/Training/Placement
  • Socialized/Drive
  • Search and Rescue
  • Handler Training
  • Single or Dual Purpose
  • Explosive/Drug Detection
  • Proven Champion Bloodlines

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