Surveillance Solutions

A fully designed and installed GSMG IP video surveillance system is vital for your businesses or institutions safety and security. We have partnered with the world’s finest IP camera and recording manufacturers to provide state of the art surveillance solutions.

With any surveillance system, the proof of the video quality is when crucial footage needs to be viewed.

At GSMG, we only design and install the finest IP camera and recording equipment available. Each camera location is carefully selected and installed with the appropriate equipment to ensure the sharpest images possible. Every frame that you view is saved on our sophisticated, user friendly Digital Recording System. Depending on your company’s requirements, images can remain on our recorders until they need to be viewed or shared.

Even though our surveillance systems are typically used for security purposes, they can also play an important role in your building facility and maintenance plans. With a simple cell phone log-on, your facility manager can view each specific camera from anywhere in the world to see if, for example, the ground crew has plowed the parking lots or cut the grass according to schedule.

Don’t just settle for any camera system. Let GSMG install a state-of-the-art surveillance platform that will meet your specified requirements when you need it most.

Our technical team will help you integrate your existing IT infrastructure for a fully networked IP video, streaming and recording system. With our remote access package and event-based video messaging, you will be apprised of the events at your facility in real time, with precision camera equipment ensuring crystal clear images.

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